A Photographers beginnings

Sometimes I think I must have been crazy to drop my chosen profession as a chef to take up the challenge of becoming a professional nature photographer. An outside observer might think that I had truly lost my marbles by embarking on such an endeavor especially starting in my mid thirties. My life and my personal leanings have always been towards creative and artistic works. I love art in all of its various forms, But for myself I really never could settle on my own medium until I started doing digital photography full time. As a Chef you spend long, stressful hours inside cooking and after 20 years this really started to get to me. After awhile it becomes routine and your work becomes your life. I would wake up in the morning thinking to myself, “You have spent most of your life inside never having seen anything or done anything, Do you want to be a cranky old man wishing he had done this or that or do you want to take a huge risk and try a different path?”

We are a hearty lot here in the Green Mountain State and I suppose that living and making images in Vermont instills one with a hard working attitude and a sense of adventure. It was very important for me to take such a risk and attempt to nourish my creative side which I never could in the food service industry. I want to “live” my life and experience the world through photographs rather that working to just exist. Life is just too short and I want to know if I can succeed or fail at probably one of the hardest disciplines of photography to break into. For the last four years I have spent much of my time trying to realize that goal. I have been working and shooting as much as I can and learning everything possible about the world of digital photography. I can be honest and say that this journey so far has had it’s frustrations but it has also come with some very satisfying accomplishments.

As a Chef I worked very hard, Went to school, Received a degree in the Culinary Arts and knew where I was going and what I should be doing. As a self taught photographer I am slightly out of my element, Sometimes with my work seemingly moving at a slugs pace. I am walking on this path somewhat blind, However with slow and sure baby steps I make progress. Through patience and countless photo trips to swamps and remote forest locations I am finally starting to put the pieces of the photography puzzle together. I want this blog to be a record of my successes and failures, A way to share what I have and am learning and to be more engaged in the photography community. And to you dear reader…I hope you enjoy the journey.


3 thoughts on “A Photographers beginnings

  1. Well Andrew I totally can relate to you. I have done the same thing except I was in retail. Life is too short to say I should have done this or that. Just do it give it all you have and you will succeed! I too have had good points and very low points, but my 4 p’s keep me going perservence, patience, persistance and passion. Good Luck with your new photography career!

    • Thanks for the comment Cindi. It’s a lot of hard work but I love every minute so it’s not really like work. I’m just trying to do my best and move forward but I also want to share what i’m learning along the way.

  2. It is so good to see that this all happening for you. It was so good to see this up! You do have a gift…it so good to see that you are sharing it. Be proud of who you are within you art.
    best to you and happy holidays too! – jess

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