Morning Light

(Note- I was trying to describe the light I was seeing here at sunrise. I’m not sure where I was going with this or if this blog was successful but I tried anyway.)
It was a cold morning as I looked out the window of my truck at the great Green Mountains slowly passing by on my right. Superb light, The magic hour, Sunrise light. Call it what you will but this is the type of light that drives us as Photographers. It gives us a purpose as we want to share this beauty with the world. I love the early morning period just before and just after sunrise, It is the most creative part of the day for me and the light is just fantastic. This time of day is infectious and exhilarating with the anticipation of forming all of your thoughts and emotions about the scene onto pixels on a digital sensor. We make choices about camera settings,  Where to hike and what to shoot, And using our skills as artists to shape that final image. Sometimes it eludes us and we come home with nothing but there are times when we are rewarded for our hard work.
I am up before the sun heading into the Mount Mansfield State Forest to take some photographs. This is my main area of choice in the Winter for its accessability and wealth of image possibilities. This day was no exception and with the sun coming up there was a fantastic pink glow surrounding Mount Mansfield, Creating a dark silhouette of the mountains against the color of the sky. The air was cold and crisp and I was filled with a sense of enthusiasm as winter has finally settled in here and I can get some good Winter work done. As I came over a rise on Upper Pleasant Valley Road and looked down on the town of Jeffersonville, This veils of mist were stubbornly clinging to the valley. The tops of the hills were sticking out of the mist with snow-covered trees lit with the last rays of pinks and purples from the sunrise.
I made my way up Route 108, Past the Smugglers Notch Ski Area like I have done so many times before and parked at the turnout where the road is closed for the Winter season. Pulling on my boots and hiking gear, I waded through the knee-deep snow and began my hike. You are surrounded by mountains and just plain quiet, Being mostly alone during the early morning hours. Some may think I’m crazy for getting up this early but most times this is when the best work happens. You can slow yourself down and take your time with the compositions really thinking about each step you are taking. The cold envelopes you but it isn’t something you notice as you work. This area feels like home to me, Like an old friend who welcomes you and makes you feel comfortable.


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