My first commercial Photography job for Efficiency Vermont

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Getting paid to do something that I really enjoy makes all of the hard work I put into doing my work worth it. Over the past several weekends I have put my Nature and Landscape work aside for a bit to focus on a paid job for Efficiency Vermont. It is a great opportunity for me to do this kind of  work as it gives me more experience working with clients and will possibly open the door in the future for more of this type of work. It is exciting to stretch myself a little bit and try something different.

Efficiency Vermont is a program run for the State of Vermont by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, A private Non-Profit. They are tasked with promoting energy efficiency and giving technical help to business, homeowners and contractors to reducing and saving on energy costs. I have had the great pleasure of working with them to Photograph the homes, families and contractors who have been given awards by Efficiency Vermont for energy efficiency work done in new or retro fitted homes throughout the state.

The work was challenging as it involved travelling to all corners of the state and Photographing in the middle of winter. I was under a small deadline as the resulting images will be used for an upcoming conference and other various marketing tools.  However it was a great experience getting to talk to the homeowners and the contractors and seeing how the work done to their homes has really improved their lives. All of the folks were accommodating to me and I must give a huge thank you to them for letting me traipse around their yards and homes!


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