Don’t take your Photography time for granted. You can sleep all you want when you are dead.

View from the Cantilever rock trail. Underhill state park, Vermont.

Time is finite. It comes and goes like an ocean tide breaking on the seashore. I think it’s funny how we devote ourselves to a craft of recording small segments of time into an image and yet we can still take advantage of it. You caught me! I’m guilty of doing it  but how many times have you been out and about taking photographs and had a less than successful day or come home with just a few keepers? How many times have you said to yourself “ Oh I’ll do better next time, There’s plenty of time later to get some more images.” Everyone has their good and bad days and Photographers are no exception. I am someone who is not a time waster  and I try to multitask when I can to get things done but sometimes I feel like I take my shooting time for granted or that I am not doing enough to get some quality work done.
Because of my work schedule I have very limited shooting time during the week. I look at this as a positive thing though as it forces me to focus more on my work and to really plan where and what I am going to shoot for the day. I take my time when I am working and really look around the environment for potential subjects and compositions. I look at this time as something I can never get back once the day is done and I try to make the most of any given situation. I look for the large vistas as well as the small macro compositions, Making sure to investigate every possible image I can make at a location. Thinking positively and not letting frustration creep in when the images are just not being made is yet another skill that we must master.
We all can take advantage of our time at one point or another and it’s something that I try very hard to not do, Although not always successfully. Time is always on the move and I try not to waste it when I am shooting. Possibly because we can’t see or touch it, We often think that there is unlimited amounts of it and we can always get that image “Next time.” Think positively, Stay focused when you are working and make your shooting time work for you. Does this ever happen to you? How do you stay focused and use your time effectively? I am interested in your best and worst stories about managing your time while taking Photographs.


5 thoughts on “Don’t take your Photography time for granted. You can sleep all you want when you are dead.

  1. I may set aside a day to take pictures but I only shot constantly for 2 hours at a time and then have a break to recharge the brain battery. This I belive makes the day more productive.

    Worst day has been when all my batteries have gone dead wasting a well planed shoot. Oh well these tomorrow to get it right

    • I usually work like that…When i am out hiking I use the time when my camera isn’t out of my bag to relax and focus myself for the next images that I may come across. I agree it does make you more productive in the long run.

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