Today is my birthday and I want to celebrate…You!

Sunrise over Sterling Mountain. Smugglers Notch, Vermont. Spring 2010.

Today is my birthday. I have successfully made it through another year with my health and all of my limbs intact. I could sit here and drone on and on about myself and my accomplishments over the past year but I think today I will try something different. I wanted to take this time to thank all of my friends, family and fellow Photographers who not only do what they do everyday but also those who are actually interested in my ramblings and art. You all continue to inspire and motivate me to keep walking down this path with Photography. I want to salute everyone for your points of view and comments on my work.

To my Twitter followers– What an interesting and fascinating experiment joining Twitter has been over the past few months. At first I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of Twitter. Who would possibly read what I have to say on a daily basis? I had no idea how to use it or if anyone would really be interested about my Photography adventures. I have to say that it is a great thing that I was wrong about these assumptions. Using Twitter strictly for Photography purposes and not personal has opened yet another door to meet and share with other like-minded photographers. You are all a very creative bunch and slowly building a following here has been a great joy for me.

To my friends and family on Facebook– I could never have gotten this far without everyone’s support and encouragement. You put up with my frugal ways and constant chatter all in the name of trying to pursue Photography professionally. Your comments on my work both positive and negative help me to grow as an artist and Photographer. I now it must have been crazy when I said I was going to go down this path but if I did not try then I would probably turn into another cranky old man.

To my Flickr Contacts– I am amazed at your work and continue to be so on a daily basis. My own work continues to improve in large part to all of your creative works and endeavours. You inspire, push me, and challenge me every time I check to see all of your new works.

To anyone who reads this blog– I am new to the world of blogging. I never thought I was a good writer but it was an area I really wanted to improve on. I wanted to give back a little something to the Photography community and blogging is the perfect vehicle for doing both things. I enjoy trying to create new and fresh content, Sharing a bit of myself with each post. It can be difficult to stand out in this crowded field and I am yet another person writing about Photography. I hope you all continue to have fun and enjoy what I have to say..Thanks for reading!


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