Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries


Ice wall in Smugglers Notch, Vermont. 11/23/2008. Early Morning.


This Image was one of those “right place at the right time” photographs. I spend a lot of time in this area throughout the year and on this day in 2008 I was here in the early morning hours. I remember this image pretty vividly because it was one of my first early digital images that I was really proud of. I saw the shot happening pretty quickly as the sun was rising fast, Composed and made the shot. It turned out well and I was pleased with the results.

This image was made right off of the side of Route 108 which runs from Jeffersonville up through to the Smugglers Notch ski area and the base of Mount Mansfield and down the other side to the Stowe Ski area and the town of Stowe, Vermont. After the first snows the road is closed for the Winter making it an easily accessible area for photography. This ice wall forms every year and is right up tight to the roadway making a wide shot somewhat difficult because of some trees which are right in front of the wall. It is a very popular wall for ice climbers.

It was somewhat cloudy but just as I walked up to the ice wall the sun started to peek through and show itself. It was a great moment because the weather can be a little unpredictable up here and this ice wall sits in a valley, Mostly staying shaded throughout the day. Hope you all enjoy!

Image info:

F20 @ 1/6 seconds ISO 100

Canon Digital Rebel xti with a Tamron 16-35 mm wide-angle lens

B+w 77mm circular polarizer with an Induro adventure series tripod



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