Turning a photography dream into a reality.

Autumn in Underhill, Vermont.

Dreams are what drives us a human beings. We all have a desire to change ourselves and try different things from time to time. Boredom can set in doing the same thing day after day and often what’s needed is a drastic life change or to take a leap into the unknown. I really never thought that I wanted to shoot Photographs professionally but once I really involved myself in the craft I haven’t been able to put my camera down since. I decided to make that leap in my life and head out into the unknown land for me of Photography. While this road can be difficult at times I have the drive to make my dream a reality. In all the years I spent as a professional Chef I always had this thought in the back of my mind that maybe I was doing the wrong thing. I felt like cooking was not where I was supposed to be. It is a skill that I can always use and return to but after 20 years of it, I needed to try something different.

I have no teacher or mentor and for a while I was out of my element because Photography was so new too me. I had a steep learning curve but I applied myself to really learning the art from the basics on up and everyday I am still learning something. A dream is just that if not acted on….A dream. I don’t want to be an old man and wished that I had gone down this road. I wan to look back when I am old and frail, no longer able to continue my artistic journey and say to myself “ At least I tried.” For me it is about keeping my mind engaged and trying to always be working on something to do with Photography. It could be reading a book, writing a blog, making images out on a hike or researching locations to shoot. As long as I am focused and keep my mind on the long-term goals then I know that I can succeed. It is a balancing act with everything else going on but it can be done.

These things can happen and we all have the ability to make our dreams happen no matter what they are. I imaging trying to break into the professional Photography world is a lot like a baseball player in the minors trying to get to the big leagues. He spends years practicing his sport and becoming better at it with low pay and not a whole lot of recognition. He keeps his mind on the end goal  and eventually after the years of struggle and dedication he finally gets his chance. It all depends on where you want the road to go.


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