Camera phone Thursday! Winters fury in black and white.

The gate to my apartment. The other side is not quite as clear of snow!

In an effort to be more spontaneous with my blog I decided to try a new feature called Camera phone Thursday! I recently purchased a Htc droid incredible with an 8mp camera phone in it. This morning I downloaded a cool free photography app called Camera 360. I’m just playing around with it and it has some neat features like anti-vibration shooting, composing grid and several effects you can use on your images.

Today I was trying out the black and white mode and captured a few images of all the snow that we seem to inundated with at the moment. The streets are choked off with snow and the piles are so large you can’t really see around them at what is coming down the road. This is why I am in a sort of rut with my nature photography at the moment. It stays sunny and nice during the week except for the times that I go out to shoot…Cloudy, overcast and no sun or it’s snowing out.

To get away from the excuses for the lousy whether this winter I wanted to add Camera phone Thursday to my writing and creative efforts. Hope you all enjoy!

The view from behind my house.


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