Bad weather makes for creative photography.

Canon L series 17-40mm lens set to 35mm. F 4.5 @ 1/250 ISO 100

This weekend I was excited to try out a new piece of gear that finally arrived after 3 months of being on back order. A few weeks ago I finally received the Lee big stopper 10 stop neutral density filter that goes along with a Cokin z pro filter holder and a z pro two stop graduated neutral density filter. I have been waiting patiently to try out the filters but yet again my shooting time was interrupted by some terrible weather.

I checked my window and saw a break in the clouds with some sun and hastily packed up my gear and headed out down to the waterfront here in Burlington. I jumped in my truck and as soon as I pulled out of the driveway it had started snowing and by the time I get down to the shores of Lake Champlain there was a pretty steady snowfall going on. To steady to break out the filters so I headed home determined to make a few images.

I never am one to let the weather get in my way but I had to make a choice and the wind and driving snow would have made shooting outside much to difficult. I headed home and decided to do some self portraits with my small studio setup which consists of:

1. Two light stands: One fitted with an off camera flash/umbrella holder, Canon 430ex 2 speedlight, one shoot through umbrella. One with a large piece of white foam board for fill.

2. 16 foot off camera shoe cord for Canon cameras

3. My Induro tripod and a Canon 7d

4. Tension rod with a gray piece of fabric.

Experimentation and getting away from what you are comfortable with is key to growing and learning. I am not the most photogenic person but I have really wanted to try this shot with the cards for quite a while. I took roughly about 200 hundred shots and came away with about ten that I really liked. I don’t always nail the shot im going for but it was two hours of fun time I had experimenting.

Canon 17-40mm L series lens. Set at 35mm. F4.5 1/250 ISO 100.


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