Archive Tuesdays: Clouds over the pond


F 22 @ 1/25 ISO 100. Tamron 16-35mm wide-angle lens set to 17mm.


Today I have decided to start another weekly feature to my blog called Archive Tuesdays. I liked the idea of revisiting some of my older work, Maybe tweaking the processing a bit and commenting on it. I like to see the progression of my photography over the years whether the image is great or if it was a failure. I hate to see images just sitting on the hard drive, Unused. I think it’s also important to use it as an exercise to improve my work, see where I may have gone right or wrong and try to do better.

This image was taken at Monkton Pond in Monkton,Vermont. It is about a half hour or so from my house, Yes Vermont is so small you can drive less than a half hour out of its largest city and be in the middle of nowhere. For about two weeks before this shot was made we received a lot of rain and bad weather. On this day though the weather really started to break up and I was left with all of these really great cloud formations in the sky. I wanted to capture those formations so I set up from this lower vantage point near these reeds and captured this image. This image was also one of my first attempts at using a circular polarizer.

I do like this image but the main thing I didn’t like was that their was a slight vignette at the top corners which I mitigated in light room. I think their could have been some more interest in the foreground part of this image. It was a decent image but one I couldn’t bear to part with out of my light room catalog. I reprocessed in Nik Silver Efex Pro and added a red filter to the image really darkening the deep blue sky and making the clouds stand out. I wanted these to be the focus of this image.  This image was captured with a Canon Digital Rebel XTI 10mp camera and a b+w circular polarizer on the lens.


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