Camera phone Thursday!- An Ipod’s ancestor

Grundig am/fm radio with record player and speakers. Taken with the camera 360 app for android with an 8mp camera phone.

Here in our house we love mid-century modern items which can be found throughout our humble abode. This piece was made by Grundig and you can’t tell from the image but it is massive!  It is about four to five feet long and sits roughly about four feet high off the floor. It contains an am/fm radio, speakers that still work and a small record player (yes folks that’s right… vinyl).

I really love this piece as it is in great shape and it has a certain class about it. We added a modern twist to it as our tv sits on top and in a small shelf that opens up at the bottom contains our dvd player and Wii setup.  It is an old beast of a music generating device and it is interesting to see how far the technology has evolved.


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