The viewmaster.

Waterfront boardwalk on Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont. Canon 7d with a 17-40mm L series lens. ISO 100 36mm F16 @ 1/50

The sun finally came out today after weeks of clouds and less than stellar shooting conditions. I made my way down to our waterfront boardwalk and whoa! was it cold. The wind coming of the lake from the New York side made the temp right around 0 degrees. Well I havent made a whole lot of decent images in the last month and come hell or high water I was going to make an image today.

This is a three image HDR capture processed in Photomatix Pro and in Lightroom three.The inspiration for this image comes from a blog post by one of my twitter friends Jesse Pafundi…. A few weeks ago he had posted an image of this type and I visualized this HDR shot in my head. Well I have been waiting for the sun to show itself to make the image and I finally got the chance early this morning.

While I was editing the image I realized that the viewer in this image is exactly the same one as the one that is in Jesse’s image made by the same company. I wanted the viewer to be in focus with the boathouse beyond slightly unfocused. Many thanks to Jesse for the inspiration here!


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