Archive Tuesday: The bees knees!


4/25/2008. ISO 400 60mm F 2.8 1/1250 Canon Digital Rebel XTI with a Canon 60mm macro lens.


Although I don’t do much shooting of this type now this is one of my early attempts with digital and with insect photography. I was walking along the bike path here in Burlington which runs along Lake Champlain into Colchester and to points north. It is an old railroad track converted into a bike path.  It ran right behind my house where I used to live and I have walked the path many times over the years.

I came across a huge patch of these flowers, (forgive me…I have not been able to identify them.) It was springtime and a few bees were buzzing about doing their thing. I must have shot about fifty images before getting this one. This small image does not do it justice as in the high res version you can see little speckles of pollen all over the bee. I have always liked this image but I have never really done anything with it. Enjoy!


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