Weekly photo challenge: Abundance


ISO 100 17mm F11 @ 10 seconds. Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm L series lens, Cokin three stop neutral density filter and a two stop graduated neutral density filter, Induro tripod. Underhill State Park, Underhill, Vermont.

I looked through  many images before settling on this one to represent abundance. Vermont has a great deal of things in abundance including Maple trees, snow, and farms. In the Spring and Fall we have a  wealth of waterfalls worthy of making a photo trip to and in this image we also have our beloved fall foliage descending to the forest floor. Every year I take a week off from work to try to capture as much of the changing season as I can and this past fall I wanted to try something different. Abundance can come in many forms including leaves,  water and natural beauty.

I really like the leaves swirling in water images and set out to make a few of my own. Underhill State Park sits at the base of Mount Mansfield and on the other side of the mountain from where this image was taken sits the Smugglers Notch and Stowe ski areas. This particular spot is off of the main trails and kind of a pain to hike to as to get to it you have to traverse a very steep downward slope. One year I came across this river and now go back every year.

To get these kind of shots you need the right set of conditions and on this trip I got them. With overcast light and my neural density filters I was able to get a long exposure to capture the leaves moving in the water. It takes a bit of practice to judge the speed of the leaves moving and the appropriate shutter speed. Too fast and the leaves turn into a giant blob in the image, too slow and you don’t record enough of their movement across the frame.


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