Under the boardwalk


Three image HDR. ISO 100 17mm F16 1/20, 1/80, 1/5. Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm lens with uv filter attached. Induro tripod.

This weekend was one of those times when the photography gods just did not want to cooperate with me. I was feeling really run down and tired over the last week and on Saturday I woke up not feeling very well. Sunday was supposed to be a portrait shoot with a model but she couldn’t make it and had to reschedule. Trying to think on the positive side I grabbed my gear and headed out with the hope of getting some photo work done…Come hell or high water I was going to get an image today.


Lets just say crappy weather one, Andy 0..A big goose egg. Turning my attentions to more detailed shots I made this HDR image of the underside of the boardwalk that runs along the shores of Lake Champlain here in Burlington. I like the structure and the lines that were coming off of the piers. I actually ended up hiking all along the shoreline out on the ice trying to find some interesting vantage points to shoot.


Camera phone image of my camera set up for the shot. What you can't see is me sitting in the snow bank behind the camera on my back to compose and shoot the image.




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