Archive Tuesday: The mist

Here is the image before HDR processing. Somewhat flat and unexciting. ISO 100 24mm F16 @ 1/13. Canon Digital Rebel XTI.

This image I have been unable to delete from my Lightroom library so the other day I finally decided to take a second  look at it. I have always liked this image…However something about it never sat well with me. To me it’s a little flat because of the light but I just can’t seem to get rid of it. I wanted to process it as a HDR to see if I could pull some more detail out of the image.

I took this image on 2/12/2009 during a february thaw we were having at the time. The warm spell caused the mist which you can see in the image.  I was walking along the Burlington bike path and came across this particular scene. For weeks I had been laid up with the flu really bad and I was still quite sick when I made this image but I had to get out and get something.

I processed the image in Nik Silver Efex PRo three times using the Neutral and +1 and -1 presets. I then took all three and brought them into Photomatix pro to do the HDR processing. Making the image into a HDR was a good choice and I think it pulled just a bit more detail out of it to make me just a little bit happier with the image as a whole.

This is the HDR image. IT's hard to tell with a small size like this but the image is much more detailed than the before.


4 thoughts on “Archive Tuesday: The mist

  1. Looking at the images at their larger size, side-by-side, you can really tell the difference. Good job with the post-processing and HDR work. However, I think both of them are good images – I kind of like the blue hazy look of the first!

  2. I actually like the first image better because it gives a very mysterious vibe… Don’t get me wrong, I do HDR and love the results, just not this time for this picture. But, that is the beauty of photography and being the photographer – manipulating what you see to send a message of what you want to the viewer. In this case, it’s clarity and detail through the fog/mist/haze – the HDR definitely does that better than the first. Keep up the great work!

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