My camera and me


Self portrait of myself into a mirror. Canon 7d with a Canon 50mm F1.8. ISO 400 50mm F5.6 1/5


I have been practicing quite a bit with portrait photography over the past several weeks. The transition into spring has been less than ideal with terrible weather conditions. In preparing for a photo shoot today, Last night I was just doing a little practice with myself and a mirror.

This is a three image HDR shot processed in Photomatix Pro, Lightroom Three and Focal Point two. Please forgive my unshaven appearance and the stray gray hairs on my head! The lighting setup was quite simple….One el cheapo light stand and shoot through umbrella with an 85 watt cfl and the camera set to 5500 k…Same as the light bulb. The Light stand also had a bulb socket with power switch and umbrella holder.


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