Archive Tuesday: The Sphere


Canon Digital Rebel XTI with a Canon 60mm F 2.8 Macro lens. ISO 400 60mm F 2.8 @ 1/250. 5/9/2008.

This is one of those images that I like and yet at the same time it never really worked for me. In an effort to learn I like to post a unsuccessfull shot to learn from every now and again. I love these Dandelion puff-balls when they come out in the spring, They are only around for a few weeks but they make great macro subjects. Their structure is really beautiful when you can find one that hasn’t been ruined by the wind and is still intact.

I took this image in the early morning on a nice spring day and this time around I wanted to see some of the structure of the sphere in the foreground. As you can see in the image I did succeed in this but to me it’s a little distracting as I think the main focal point should be the structure inside the sphere. The other problem is that I shot this handheld and the image is just a little too blurry for me. I do like this shot but I have others that are much better.

This image was processed in Lightroom Three, Nik Silver Efex Pro and Focal Point two to add a little softness to the edges of the image.




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