Camera phone Thursday: So…This is Vermont


Before Image: Standard view outside of my front window. HTC Droid Incredible 8mp camera phone.


Typical of Vermont and my photographic pursuits this winter…Here we have an average looking day at the beginning of March. As you can see from the image it is early morning and it is raining out. The previous few months of snow are melting feeling me with excitement that the weather may cooperate soon and I can come out of hibernation to get some decent nature and landscape images.  Well here in Vermont Mother Nature has different plans for us….


After image: Image taken about one hour after the first image. HTC Droid Incredible 8mp camera phone.

Same window, same shot only about an hour later with several inches of new snow to dampen any creative photography juices I may have had for the day. A little while before I took this image I was planning on going out in the rain and do some street photography, I turned away from the window for two minutes, Looked back and Old Man Winter blew into town with over twenty inches of snow in 24 hours and a freebie day off from work. Snowpocalypse was here in Vermont….again.



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