Two of hearts


Canon 7d/ Canon 50mm EF F 1.8 lens, uv filter, Induro tripod. ISO 800 50mm F 5.0 1/250. Flash set to 1/4 power.

I think the best portraits are made when you trip the shutter a few extra times when the subjects don’t know your going to do that. I am a huge fan of the more spontaneous expressions and poses in this type of work. This is my friend Nikki and her daughter and she requested this kind of shot. This was the best image out of the series and it came after the posed one was done with a few extra clicks of the shutter.

I am using two 85 watt CFL bulbs right now for portraits and for this shoot I added in my Canon 430 ex 2 speedlight. I have been wary of doing this because of the competing light sources but to my surprise it worked and helped me out tremendously! We were shooting on a white background and these can be difficult, Turning out gray and flat if not exposed properly. The two lights I was using were not going to light the background properly so with a little bounce flash onto the ceiling and aimed behind the ladies the effect worked.

Image processed in Lightroom 3, Silver Efex Pro and Focal Point 2.


4 thoughts on “Two of hearts

    • Anna…Thanks so much for your comments! Dont get discouraged…with the exception of the canon flash I did these portraits for about a 100 dollars of equipment. Im all about sharing the tiny bit of knowledge I have…Just ask if you ever have any questions.

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