Archive Tuesday: Autumn at the pond


Canon Digital Rebel XTI with a Tamron 16-35mm wide-angle lens. ISO 100 26mm F 8 @ 1/50.


Here is one of those less than successful images that on one hand works and on the other it doesn’t. The location is Bailey Pond in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and it’s actually two ponds with two different names that are interconnected. It is difficult to find because the name of the road changes about 300 feet from its start. The road itself turns into several miles long, straight logging road with lots of huge, gnarly potholes. It is however isolated and quiet.

We have a nice Autumn scene with a beautiful reflection in the water however as you can see in the upper portion of the scene the sun came out. The way the clouds and sun are interacting caused the highlights in this area to be blown out with not much correction possible. I love the area here and have not been back since but this image makes me want to venture back there this fall. It’s like I have a task uncompleted here and I really would like to get a much better image.


5 thoughts on “Archive Tuesday: Autumn at the pond

  1. yes you should go back.. darn that sun. Tons of potential here. I think the comp pretty much works here as the reflection must be included in the shot as it offers so much interest as well. Though this will often lead to too much symmetry I feel you managed to escape that risk here.

    So I have been told no to put horizontal (main focus )lines across center (like where shore meets rock/trees). You have just avoided it here, but what are your thoughts on landscape compositions? Hopefully you understand what I’m asking. I have already realized I do not have a knack for landscape photography, I feel like you really have to have an eye for it (like ansel) or else it really is just a field, or mountain range and it doesn’t suck you in like a really talented landscape photographer’s would.

    Anyway, do go back this fall.

  2. *sigh* fall in Vermont is so on my bucket list! I feel ya on the sky thing. My first picture that ended up in a gallery had some issues with a blown out sky too! This isn’t terrible though Andy, I really like it!

    • Thanks Heather, I would have to say Its when I think Vermont is its most beautiful. However the peak of the color is only about a week so you have to time your picture taking just right.

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