Where is the fire?


Canon 7d with a Canon 50mm F 1.8 EF lens. Induro 8m alloy tripod. Three image HDR. ISO 100 50mm F16 @ 1/6.


Three image HDR capture of an old fire hydrant and discarded shopping cart. I was out exploring a little this past weekend and came across this scene in a partially abandoned shopping mall. The other half of this building is a K-Mart but this half is an old movie theater long since boarded up.  There were a few old shopping carts here so I made good use of the subjects and my time. The building itself was painted this awful color that I can’t even describe…I suppose if they had not done that the images would have a different feel.

I processed in Lightroom three, Photomatix Pro and Focal Point two. I gave the image a slight vignette because I wanted the fire hydrant to be the main focus here.  I thought it was amusing that this old hydrant was covered with rain drops and surrounded by melting snow at the same time!


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