Camera phone Thursday: Interconnected

HTC Droid Incredible 8mp camera phone shot in the rain.

I love water. It is such an important part of our lives and it is a big part of my catalog of images. What I really enjoy in photographs of water is how it’s beauty and power can be expressed in a non-moving two-dimensional form. We are headed into spring here and with all the rain and snow melt plenty of photo ops with water are always right around the corner.

I pulled into work one day and a light rain had started making these really neat ripples in a small pool of water in the parking lot. The trees behind were nicely reflected in the pool giving it some depth. I watched this pool for a while just taking in how when each drop hit the water the ripples all connected with each other as they moved to the outer edges of the pool. Have a great Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Camera phone Thursday: Interconnected

    • Thanks Anna…hey you never know when your going to come across something to shoot. I want a nice, high end point and shoot for that reason but for now the camera phone will do.

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