Weekly photo challenge: Spring


ISO 100 35mm F 8 @ 1/13

I had some reservations about using a flower image for spring but it seemed appropriate now that the weather is finally changing. (With the exception of the snow we got this morning!) I like to look around in the spring in the forest and boggy areas for trilliums, I have a few sweet spots around town where white and red ones are plentiful. The spot where this image was made is right next to a very busy street and intersection but the border a walking path so they have easy access. I love trilliums because there season is so short but they make excellent subject matter for images.



One thought on “Weekly photo challenge: Spring

  1. are they already out there? I better get out and check. Things have started to bloom here but now we’re getting a cold snap through next week so who knows how many things that will mess up. I enjoy trilliums too, and wish I knew where more were. Or any, as come to think of it I think I have only found Toadshade and a trout lily… will have to brush up on my wildflowers before I go out
    Thanks for sharing, good composition, DOF and exposure. They are tricky to shoot when you have so many others behind.

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