There’s always something new to learn: The waterdrop image


Canon 7d/Canon 50mm EF F1.8 lens. Canon 430 ex 2 speedlight. Induro 8m alloy tripod.


This weekend I decided to take it upon myself to attempt to learn something in photography that has long baffled me…Photographing water drops. I love any kind of water photography and have always been fascinated by the water drop image. The question for me was how to do it. I suppose the longer you think and ponder on a subject the more clarity and knowledge you gain when you finally come to your solution.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about this type of shot and how to do it…Slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Finally after much exhaustive research I was able to go ahead and attempt the shot. Shooting water drops requires a few things…two of which are expensive and the rest of the items are inexpensive.

The expensive items were my canon 7d, a canon 430 ex 2 speedlight and a 16 foot off camera shoe cord. The inexpensive items were some type of contraption to attach a vessel of dripping water, a paint tray, a towel, and some type of background material…in this case I used sheets of scrapbooking paper. Remember now when you look at these images that are my first attempts. I made sure to take notes and the shots were not without their flaws. I was excited at the outcome however and feel with some practice I can nail down this shot.


2 thoughts on “There’s always something new to learn: The waterdrop image

  1. this is something I have wanted to do as well. Maybe this will prompt me to do so. Do you think a speedlight is totally needed? Wouldn’t sufficient light for fast shutter work fine? I may have to experiment now lol. Have you seen the paint drop images? Where they put it on a speaker that is covered in a balloon and turn it on and they bounce? I would LOVE to be able to do those.
    Thanks for sharing, now on to read your other post on this

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