Archive Tuesday: Molly’s Brook


Molly's Brook, Peacham, Vermont. Canon Digital Rebel XTI with a Tamron 16-35mm wide-angle lens. ISO 100 17mm F 16 @ 1.6 seconds

This is one of my early attempts at the waterfall scene and in looking at it there are some issues with it. Molly’s Brook runs into Peacham pond and is on you guessed it…A dirt road, Something we have a lot of here in Vermont. The area is in the Northeast Kingdom and is quite beautiful year round.

I don’t think this was a successful as it could have been for a number of reasons. Right of the bat I think the image is a little to cluttered, It needs better framing. The sky in the background is gray and cloudy and provides nothing dramatic to the image. The image does not convey the look of Autumn  in Vermont like I was going for.

You can’t win them all and I do like this image…Just more for evaluation purposes. I think it’s a good exercise to look at the images you have that don’t work to look for improvements. It always makes me want to go back and try again.



5 thoughts on “Archive Tuesday: Molly’s Brook

  1. yeah great picture!! wow it’s cool to read about people who think about photography the way I do. I can talk all day about my pictures and what could be better, how it could be improved, things to do differently, and so on. This is a good analysis here, and it’s great to be critical about a picture that already looks beautiful.

    I’m wondering since you seem to know a great deal about photography, what is the advantage of using a wide angle lens versus a non-wide angle lens? I notice you used it here. How would it have been different without it?

    • Thanks for the comments Jon! Im always looking to improve so i think it’s important to do these self evaluations. Good question…Without the wide angle the scene would have looked more “compressed” in the frame and I wouldnt have gotten as much in the image either. In this instance I think I should have zoomed in closer and rather than try to include parts of this image that were not necessary. At the higher focal points say 20mm and above the view would be much closer to the waterfall and less of the scene would be visible.

  2. This is not a bad shot at all, but I can see what you’re saying. The composition of the water itself is fantastic, leads from top third to lower corner (a fav move of mine). If only we could pick and choose which rocks were along a creek and what trees are in view… oh and a fantastic sky. I should print and evaluate images more often.

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