All alone


Canon 7d/ Canon EF 50mm F 1.8 lens Lee Big Stopper 10 stop Neutral density filter, Cokin z-pro 2 stop Graduated Neutral density filter, Induro 8m alloy tripod and bhd-1 ballhead. ISO 100 50mm F 16 @ 122 seconds


I took this image this past weekend and it was my first usable image with the Lee Big Stopper. It was a Christmas gift that was back ordered  for two months and the two times that I went to shoot with it I was greeted with driving snow and lots of wind. I took the image in the early morning but in full sunlight with a decent breeze coming across Lake Champlain here. However I got a perfect two-minute exposure during the day…Awesome!

My only complaint about this image is that I put the focus point on the tree and the image came out a little soft. My camera and tripod were low to the ground but the damn breeze killed the focus a little. From this beach you get a great view over to the New York side of the lake and as you can see we are still getting snow and cold here. Hopefully soon I can experiment more with this filter as the weather improves.


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