Those Happy Accident Photographs


Canon 7d/ Canon 50mm EF F1.8 lens Induro tripod. ISO 1000 50mm F 8 @ 1/80.

Yesterday morning before work I went on a photo shoot for Efficiency Vermont out in Shelburne, Vermont. My partner Alison works in the marketing department and she came with me to over see the images for their retailer of the year award. She is a very good assistant for me and I use her to check exposure settings before I start shooting.

After the shoot when I got home and was looking at the images for the day this one stood out to me right away. It was only a test shot but she happened to turn away from the camera for just a moment. I really could not delete this one as it turned out to be a nice “Happy Accident” shot. I really liked her position in the frame and the front register for the hardware store.

Processed in Lightroom 3, Nik Silver Efex Pro and Focal Point 2.



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