The big Show!

Yesterday was a big moment for me as I went to hang my artwork at Pennycluse Cafe here in Burlington,Vermont. It’s been planned for several months now but I finally get to see some of the fruits of my hard work planning and getting prints ready for this show. I am more of the sharing kind of photographer so I asked my friend Elizabeth to join me in the show and display some of her fine Macro photography.

Pennycluse is a great breakfast and lunch spot here in town and there are thousands of people going in and out of the restaurant on a weekly basis. Very visible and it provides an avenue for exposure to up and comers like myself in the photography world.

Me on a Saturday…Terrible I know.

Yes I know I need a haircut and a shave thank you.


7 thoughts on “The big Show!

    • Thanks for the kind words Matthew…I used to work there so I know the owners and they have been awesome in letting me show there…It will be some great exposure for sure.

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