Archive Tuesday: Monochrome Leaves


Canon Digital Rebel XTI with a Canon 50mm EF F1.8 lens. Tiffen red filter. Induro tripod. ISO 100 50mm F1.8 @ 1/8


I made this image a few years ago while experimenting with a 50mm lens and a red filter during the Fall foliage season here in Vermont. I did like this image however overall it seemed to me to be a little cluttered. I cropped out some stray grass that managed to work itself into the composition but it still did not quite work for me.

The 50mm lens I used is the really el cheapo version Canon makes and it really does struggle to get decent exposures with the red filter attached to it. Difficult to work with but not impossible. Now that I am looking at this image I am forming a challenge in my head to go back and experiment some more with this filter, I think you achieve a whole new look rather than shooting in color and making the conversion in the computer.


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