Camera phone Thursday: Into the abyss


HTC Droid Incredible 8mp camera phone with a macro lens attached.

I will tell you right of the bat because I know your just dying to know that these are tiny air bubbles on the side of a plastic water dispenser! When I looked at the image to edit it the shadow of the macro lens combined with the bubbles gave the image this spiraling effect kind of like stars going into a black hole.


I have been slowly experimenting with this tiny macro lens and camera phone photographs. I think my only issue is keeping the camera on the phone steady enough to get a really sharp image. Oh well…Im working in my head on some kind of stabilization contraption.


2 thoughts on “Camera phone Thursday: Into the abyss

  1. *get childish voice ready* IIIIIITS BUBBLES!!! Okay, now that I have that outta the way, where did you get a macro attachment for your phone? I am really impressed that this is off your cell. Crazy cool shot today!

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