Down but not out


Canon 7d/ Canon 50mm EF F1.8 lens Induro 8m alloy tripod and bhd-1 ballhead. Three images processed in Photomatix 4 pro and Focal Point 2.


My partner (We still haven’t decided but neither of us like this term much…Maybe committed?) Alison’s mom lives and works on a dairy farm in Groton, Vermont. This past weekend we were up and I always take some time to wander around and see what subjects I can find.

I found this old tractor engine sitting behind the barn and it had HDR image written all over it! It had this really amazing color to it..Lots of reds and greens but it’s position in relation to the sun made for some nice contrast and shadows. It felt great to give this old girl some new life as an image. I have a few more detail images of this to post but let me know what you think!


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