Taking Flight


Canon 7d/ Canon 50mm EF F1.8 lens Handheld ISO 100 50mm F 16 @ 1/60

When I was out shooting last weekend there was a huge flock of seagulls sunning themselves down on the waterfront. I did not want to bother them but as soon as I inched my way closer to them the whole flock started to take off. With no time to fumble with camera settings I snapped off several frames and hoped for the best. I think this frame captured best the movement of the birds and the static background…What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. I do think it captures the movement vs. static background well. Sometimes you just gotta grab the shot so you might have it rather than just let it go. Birds are a pain sometimes. Was shooting gulls in DC and every time I would get set up to catch them they would quit flying past, or the good shots would have parts cropped out of the frame cuz they were too close. Not normally the problem you have with birds but they challenge you more than most critters.
    Hope you have a good sunday

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