Archive Tuesday: Reflection at the pond


Canon Digital Rebel XTI/ Tamron 16-35mm wide-angle lens handheld ISO 100 17mm F 22 1/13


This image was one of my very early attempts at using a circular polarizer and it shows in this one! Simply that I just did not know any better, This image never quite worked for me. Who would shoot at F 22 hand-held! I don’t know what I was thinking but it made for a…How shall I say it?…Less than sharp image.

I remember this day well though. We had been getting several weeks of rain and bad weather to start the summer off. I went out shooting on this day because this really bad weather finally started to break and we were getting some really amazing cloud formations. I tried to capture that in this image but that never quite worked out. It always was this really dark left corner that did this photo in for me. I did not expose the image properly leaving this big dark blob in the image. Oh well, It’s these mistakes that keep us learning and trying to get better!


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