Camera Phone Thursday: The Wicker Man


Macro image of a USB memory stick taken with a HTC Droid Incredible 8mp camera phone and a macro lens attached.


I was taking images of this USB stick and my camera phone and I couldn’t get The Wicker Man movie out of my head. Years ago I saw the original and it wasn’t all that bad…However I am talking about the craptastic  Nicholas Cage remake that came out several years ago.

This tiny little USB stick reminded me of that movie. I was drawn to its shape and how it looks like a face kind of like the Wicker Man in the movie. I have been really preoccupied with some other photography things so this weeks entry isn’t the best but I couldn’t let all of you down!


7 thoughts on “Camera Phone Thursday: The Wicker Man

  1. yeahso your droid takes way better photos than my iphone 3G… kinda cheesed the lady did not tell me there was such a dif in the 4G MP.. ah well this is a test to see how well I take care of an iPhone.. thank goodness for tuff cases. I have been thinking about a lens for the phone but doubt it would even work since it’s in this case. Keep posting, I enjoy your camera phone pics stomping mine.

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