Peaceful Friday

Canon 7d/ Canon EF 50mm F1.8 Induro tripod and ballhead. ISO 100 5omm F11 1/80

So I submit to you dear reader this peaceful and serene image of Thayer Beach in Colchester, Vermont. The beach itself was really rather boring however this view intrigued me because of its simplicity and minimalism. I am never one to be defeated by a location so I made this image of the last of the ice that was melting in this bay.

I wish you all a great Friday and I hope your weekend goes well! I will be doing test shots with my Canon 17-40mm L series lens received back from Canon for the second time because of dust issues. I always keep a UV filter on this lens however straight out of the box it still contains dust. Normally I would never complain here on this blog but my increasing frustration level is why I wanted to post a peaceful image today…Enjoy!


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