Archive Tuesday: Rookie Mistakes

Canon Digital Rebel XTI Tamron 16-35mm wide angle lens Induro adventure series tripod. ISO 100 35mm F16 @ .5 seconds

This image today was one of my earliest waterfall images and one that had a pretty big rookie mistake in it. This waterfall is on Bristol,Vermont about an hour away from my home here in Burlington. I come here every so often and on this day the sun was filtering down through the forest canopy in such a way that it was creating these “hot spots” throughout the image.

As I was just starting out with my photography it was something I did not notice right away but it’s pretty evident in the final image here. There are lots of this spotting among the rocks and on the water and the composition itself needs a little work to say the least. It’s an ok image but probably not one I would get printed.  What do you all think about it?


6 thoughts on “Archive Tuesday: Rookie Mistakes

  1. it’s not a bad shot IMO.. but I don’t have much to compare to really. I see the hot spots but I also feel like that’s not ALL you see.. meaning they don’t kill the image. They’re distributed well and there is enough other stuff going on that one doesn’t linger long.

    As far as the composition it’s not that bad either, but again I don’t have much to compare. There is a good break up of rocks placed well/composed well into thirds even.. and for the most there is good directional dictation of the water, the only thing that bugs me is the left lead in of the water, in top left zone.. may not be much you can do there, and even a tiny addition of space on that side would do it…

    All IMO of course, and I don’t have the experience you do on this subject. Waterways are tricky no matter how you cut it.

  2. I don’t think it’s that bad IMO. Maybe a little flat overall for a B&W but that’s just my own personal taste talking here. I can see the hot spots, but really they are not bad. Sometimes, I like seeing stuff like this though. It tells me how the scene REALLY was, versus making it conform to what we think is pleasing. All in all, I like it.

    Keep it up man, I feel your pain. We’re our own worst critics! You should see the stuff I did a year ago 😦

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