Shooting an iconic bulding

Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens, UV filter, Circular polarizer and two stop neutral density filter. Three image HDR processed in Lightroom 3 and Photomatix Pro 4.

Today we have the Old Chase Mill which is located right alongside route 15 in Jericho,Vermont.   This is one of those iconic Vermont photo locations which has appeared in some print magazines and it has been photographed quite well over the years. I have been looking at this building for years trying to put my own take on it in a photograph.In the past year the lower rock foundation has been repaired making the mortar on the rocks really stand out.

Currently there is two problems when trying to shoot this old mill building and waterfall. The first problem is that the backside of the building makes for an awesome image as well however there is some graffiti on it that has yet to be removed. Unless you want to spend hours in Photoshop removing it…Forget the back of this building.

The second problem has to do with the front of the building and getting a good angle to shoot from. Route 15 is a major route that runs though Vermont and this location is right next to that route. All of the images I have seen have been taken from a small viewing walkway that used to be along the edge of the road here. This small walkway has been gone for several years…The only way to now shoot this building is to scramble down on the remnants of the viewing walkway and into the gorge under the building. Not too dangerous but you still have to be careful here.

A great Vermont location that every time I go to I get the worst cloud coverage…Yet I press on knowing that one day I will get just the right cloud cover here for a great image!

One of my first attempts at a HDR image of the building in Winter. I removed the graffiti from the foundation walls however it was a big pain to do so!


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