Life flows ever onward

Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens, UV filter, Cokin circular polarizer and three stop neutral density filter. ISO 100 27mm F16 @ 2 seconds. Image taken in Smugglers Notch, Vermont.

This is a personal post today as I just wrapped up a month-long showing of my photography yesterday. The month went by quickly but the show was a success not in sales terms but in viewers. I had fifteen photographs hanging at a very popular breakfast and lunch restaurant here in Burlington…A very busy place where Hundreds of people eat every day. I suppose it was a smart choice as there was many people viewing the work on a daily basis.

While I did not get any phone calls or sell any images I look at this in a positive way rather than negative. My feeling is that if I take an image and no one sees it than I shouldn’t have made the image in the first place. An unseen image is a “dead” image. At these beginning stages of my work I think it is vitally important to get my work out there and people knowing who I am and what I shoot. I think this trumps selling a few images as that will come with time.

As the title and image suggest…Life moves on. I put my feet forward and continue with my work. This is important as well because I never want to dwell on the past. If I keep moving ahead and continue to hone my skills in photography then I know eventually all of the things I could want like making a living as an artist will come to pass.


16 thoughts on “Life flows ever onward

  1. Andy, Fantastic uv filter with this scenery…and congratulations on your viewers….Thumbs Up’s to yea!!

  2. It is a great shot. The cafe gallery approach is a good idea. I used to have a regular hanging in this type of venue and never sold one ether. you are right to be positive about it. all the best.

  3. That’s a very positive outlook on things. šŸ™‚ Even if I didn’t sell one piece, I would be thrilled to have my photography on display like that – I’d probably sit in the place and just listen to people’s reactions.

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