Quiet reflection

Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm F4 lens, UV filter, Cokin circular polarizer. ISO 100 17mm F11 @ 4 seconds. Smugglers Notch, Vermont.

Often times when I go hiking into the Green Mountains and Smugglers Notch I come across lots of these small pools and waterfalls. I love them because it gives me a chance when I am looking for photo ops to slow down for a minute and reflect about what I am doing. The still water in these pools often offer these extremely clear looks from the surface down to the rocky bottom below.

This day I was hiking through what is left of the winter snows and I came across this pool  of water. I was struck by its color and ow clear the water was. Over the years the water here forms these smooth pools in the rocks as it winds its way from Mount Mansfield into the valley below. Just a more contemplative image today…Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Quiet reflection

    • Thanks for commenting Kristi…I agree with you and I almost missed this shot. I wasn’t going to make the image but I thought better of it in the end.

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