Sunset of despair

Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. Induro tripod and ballhead. UV filter. Cokin "P" series filter holder with a 3 stop neutral density filter and a 2 stop graduated neutral density filter. ISO 100, 26mm, F11 @ 4 seconds. Lake Champlain from the Burlington, Vermont waterfront.

In a moment of despair over whether I should continue doing landscape work I managed to make this image last night of the fading sunset over Lake Champlain. I was getting out of work and noticed these clouds forming over the lake and I thought to myself what a great sunset that is shaping up to be. The sun is setting a little after 8 p.m. now and with it being 7:45 when I left work I had little time to see let alone make an image of this sunset.

With little time to spare and less to compose I had a window of about 2 minutes to make a shot and sure enough right after I got this image the clouds broke up and the color faded. My photographic intuition served me well here as I wasnt feeling particularly excited at shooting last night…I have been thinking about if I want to starve for the next ten years shooting landscapes and nature or if I want to move on to some other areas of interest in photography.

My future is so uncertain but it is these types of images that “right the ship” so to speak in my mind about my work and where it is going. I gave this one a little love in Focal Point 2 to give it a little bit of a dreamy quality to it… Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Sunset of despair

  1. Keep at it mate! You have some fantastic stuff! Don’t give up on it now! Keep a strong head man or would you rather be stuck in a kitchen like me? 3 days work 45 hours under my belt! How does that sound?

  2. Do you ever sell prints? My husband and I are looking for a sunset picture from Lake Champlain to hang in our house and this is fantastic!

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