Down the stairs we go

Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm F 4 L series lens. Induro tripod and ballhead. UV filter. Three image HDR initial exposure - ISO 100, 19mm, F 11 @ 1.3 seconds. Parking garage in Burlington, Vermont.

This was the other perspective that I shot in this parking garage from a few weeks ago. The first image was “Down the rabbit hole” and this one was in a horizontal orientation. That one really struck me and I really liked it much better than this one…However I wanted to see which one people liked more. I liked the perspective here to but because of how the stairs were shaped and the limitations of my tripod it made getting a shot over the railing looking straight down next to impossible.

Like the other image I also gave this one a “dreamy” quality with the help of Focal Point 2 and Lightroom. Please check out both and let me know what you think! Have a great Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Down the stairs we go

  1. I prefer this perspective to the other. But they both serve their purpose! This looks as if I’m walking down the staircase and the other is as if im looking over the side…I like both images. Nice work with focal point too.

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