“Inexplicably Despicable”-Spotting patterns in graffiti

Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm F 4 L series lens. UV filter. Induro tripod and ballhead. Three image HDR initial capture- ISO 100, 17mm, F 16 @ 1 second. Bridge in Essex Junction, Vermont.

While shooting for this image, “Under the bridge” and “Waterworld“, I came across this graffiti under the bridge trusses. The whole underside of the bridge was covered but this area stuck out to me with the most color and interesting patterns. Sometimes for me it isn’t just the artwork but the patterns that are created by each tagger going over and over all of the other work that is there.

I take every photo-op at a location I can and most of the other graffiti here was just random tags and names but this small area was just a bit different. I also find all of the different quotes in all on top of each other rather interesting…Makes me wonder what the person was thinking about…I have no idea who T.P. is but someone out there thinks he is an ass clown and thought enough to write it down in this image! I have been working on getting more pattern and shape into my images and while this is not a typical nature or landscape that I shoot..I found it interesting anyways.


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