Distorted flowers

HTC Droid Incredible 8mp camera phone with a wide-angle lens attached. Processed in Lightroom 3. Nik Silver Efex Pro and Focal Point 2. Williston, Vermont.

The dandelions are out in full force right now so the other day I saw this field of them and thought it would be a great was to try out the wide-angle lens for my camera phone. I have been shooting a lot of macro images but have been neglecting the wide-angle. I noticed in processing the image that the wide-angle lens adds a really cool distortion to the image right around the on all of the edges. Not fish eye distortion but just enough to add some interest to the image.

I will be in the testing phase for a little contraption I built to attach my camera phone to the quick release plate of my tripod hopefully this weekend. I don’t have the steady hands to shoot sharp images with my smart phone but I wanted to up my game with what I could possibly do with it. Tripods for cell phones are expensive as all hell but three dollars and a trip to the hardware store solved that issue!


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