Testing a photographers patience.

View from the Colchester bike causeway on Lake Champlain, July 2010 in Colchester, Vermont. ISO 100, 17mm, F 8 @ 1/100. Cokin "P" series filter holder and a circular polarizer. Processed in Lightroom 3 and Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Mother Nature sure seems to have it in for everyone here in Vermont this summer. Snow melt,  Near constant rain for two months with severe thunderstorms over the past week have made the northern parts of the state a complete mess. Flooding, washed out roads, storm damage…you name it we have it here right now. Don’t even get me started on Lake Champlain… all along its shores there is extensive flood damage and the water level is extremely high at 102 feet which is way above Normal.  As you can imagine all of this terrible weather has made getting some quality images quite difficult in the past three months.

Spring was slow to start and very cool which is good for maple syrup production but only now are the forests starting to green up and become the “Green Mountains” which we all know and love. The forests and mountains were really bare and  brown in color for so long that I never really got a good start on my hiking this year. I mention all of this because I went hiking today in an attempt to get some images however it rained on me once again and I had to return home empty-handed.

It is a true test of patience as nature and landscape shooters are dependent on the weather so much. It has been quite the test for me as I have been trying to roll with all of the bad weather and get some good quality images whenever I can. I have had to think way out of the box this year but I can say that the bad weather has really helped to improve my photography and how I “see” the images that I make.

I am not complaining mind you just airing out a little frustration here. Normally by this time I would be well into a good season of hiking and have the images to show for it. Today I wanted to leave you with an image I shot last summer of the bike causeway in Colchester, Vermont. This causeway was an old railroad track that has been converted into a bike path. This path extends all the way into Burlington and with the help of a bike ferry, All the way out to the Champlain Islands. This area was hard hit by all the flooding as it can only take so much water before it starts to erode. I have yet to investigate but have heard that there are several missing spots to the causeway.

The best part though is that with all the bad weather I have been able to get out of doing strictly nature and landscapes. It has been quite liberating to branch out with my work and to try new things. If we stay doing the same things then we can become stagnant and we don’t grow as artists.


10 thoughts on “Testing a photographers patience.

  1. so that’s why our rivers here in VA are still muddy… we had a lot of rain this spring too, we finally have gotten a break from the daily dose, with only occasional T-storms now. Instead it has jumped to upper 90’s with 80% humidity. Which won’t get me out much either, especially since the rivers are still way up so no swimming for the dogs or myself which is our only option in this heat. Gotta love weather

  2. Great image and totally agree with the sentiments. I too have really gently tried other things and find it equally liberating. If as photographers we are unwilling to push the boundaries and work outside of our comfort zones we will stagnate and our work will suffer for it.

  3. I can totally sympathize, our weather is just starting to break after weeks of flat gray skies and rain but now it shot to 90+ degrees. I’ve been trying to work on different formats as well and have found it really stimulating plus I’ve learned a lot that I would not have otherwise.

  4. I really like this image Andy! It seems like the weather is getting everybody in one way or another. Even here in Maine rain or cloudy boring light. The sun is starting to come back and the photographer is back too.

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