Canon 7d/ Canon F 4 17-40mm L series lens. UV filter. Induro tripod and ballhead. 9 image HDR capture. Echo lake and science aquarium, Burlington, Vermont.

IN my efforts to shoot some things that are not flood related around here I managed to shoot my first night-time HDR images this past weekend. This is something I have never tried before but here I was on the waterfront shooting the sunset. After the sun was down I wanted to keep shooting and decided to try these night-time brackets. Here we have the Echo Center which is an aquarium devoted to the science of Lake Champlain.

It i a cool building with interesting architecture and here I think is the best sequence of the batch. I focused in on this brick part of the structure where it meets the glass of the front of the building. I really liked how the wide-angle lens gave the image some distortion and made the building look like it was leaning back a bit. I started getting some star trails in the exposures and it made me think about coming back and making a star trail shot of the building.


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