The Grid

Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. UV filter. Induro tripod and ballhead. NIne image HDR capture of reflected sky and buildings on College Street in Burlington, Vermont.

As promised I had a few requests to see some of the new HDR images that I made this weekend so here is a cityscape one. Below is a bonus image of me making the photograph! Burlington’s cityscape is not the best because there are no tall buildings and the city itself is spread out over a hill overlooking Lake Champlain. The best vantage point I have found is either from above looking out over the city or from below such as in this image today.

What is great about the city is that most of the buildings have lots of glass which can provide great reflection material for photography. Over the spring I have been trying to find new points of interest to photograph in the city and to take advantage of the great architecture around. An interesting fact about this image…Right next to the buildings in the lower portion of the frame is a dirt parking lot where the very first Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stand was located!


My partner Alison snapped this image of me making this shot while patiently waiting with her new Iphone.


12 thoughts on “The Grid

  1. Cool reflection! You really pulled a lot of detail out of those clouds. That looks a lot like the streets around here, lots of interesting architecture but not very tall and no glass fronts.

  2. Awesome shot! One of the coolest reflection shots I have seen in a while. But man… why did you go and mention Ice Cream 😐

    Now I want a 50/50 bar!

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