Doggie got a haircut!

Check me out at ! The cutest Shih Tzu in the world after a grooming!

Today is Friday and I thought I would keep the blog in a lighthearted mood today. I have begun exploring the world of flash photography and portraits more and found the perfect opportunity this past weekend when our dog Winnie Cooper came home from the groomers! She was relaxing on the couch decompressing so I quickly set up my camera and flash and began shooting.

I kept the setup very simple…A Canon 7d camera body with a Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens, UV Filter and a  Canon 430 ex 2 speedlight with a sto-fen diffuser. I was hand holding because dogs tend to move very quickly which turned out to be a minor mistake…Several images were blurry. (Next time use a tripod dummy!) I really love the look of a flash image where the subject is isolated from the background and it was the shot I was attempting here.

I would say that overall the images were succesful. I had the camera set to F4 to blur the background with a shutter speed of 1/40 of a second…way to slow to handhold…opps! I first took a test shot exposing for the ambient light and then dialing in -2 to -3 stops of  exposure compensation. The speedlight was set to manual at 1/16th power. I am really looking forward to continuing the learning process with flash work…How do you think they came out?

Yeah I'm cute...whadda ya goin to do 'bout it?


18 thoughts on “Doggie got a haircut!

  1. Good stuff man! You could even increase the shutter speed for less ambient light and increase the flash power to get the background even darker. Speedlites are incredible, definitely keep going with it!

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