Heavenly dog

Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. UV filter. Canon 430 ex 2 speedlight. Canon off camera shoe cord. Flash set to manual at 1/4 power with high-speed sync on. ISO 200, 33mm, F8 @ 1/400. Image processed in Lightroom 3. If you love animals..Check out Winnie's adventures on her blog!

Today I thought I would post an image a little out of the norm from what I usually post. Here we have our ever popular and adorable dog Winnie Cooper who was gracious enough to sit still for some off camera flash practice for me! Flash technique is something I have been practicing quite often now as I am getting more into shooting people and portraits along with the commercial work that I do.

I am very much interested in taming the beast that is flash lighting…It can be intimidating when you first start out as most of you know. I hate limiting myself when I am out shooting and using flash will be just another tool in my toolbox. I love the technique and feel like my work is progressing quite well and High speed sync is now one of my new best friends in photography.( You are all first of course!)

I always say to myself that if you have a piece of gear that you hardly use then it was a waste of money. Why buy a piece of gear if it will be unused? I have made it a priority to use my flash gear more so now I bring my flash and shoe cords along with me wherever I go. Experimentation and practice go a long way towards progressing in photography.

Winnie, Alison and I did a walk for our local humane Society and Alison reached here goal of raising $500 for them! The walk started in Battery park and went down and around the waterfront and Lake Champlain. Winnie happened to be on this stone pillar that overlooks the Lake in the background of the shot and I had to move fast! I saw the clouds and quickly envisioned the image I took. This is one of my favorite flash images so far…Winnie really popped out of the frame on this one! If you want to read more about Winnie’s adventures and Alison’s love of animals check out Winnie’s blog here!



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