Video post: Finding Vermont: Episode #1- Ricker Pond at sunrise. Groton, Vermont. 6/19/2011

This past weekend we went for an overnight camping trip and today I wanted to share a quick video of where I was shooting. I would like this to be the first episode in a series showing all of the places that I shoot here in Vermont so I hope you all enjoy! The location in the video is Ricker Pond which is in the Groton State Forest in Groton, Vermont.

This area is located in what is known as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The area is dominated by smaller towns and villages and is much more remote than the rest of the state. It stretches from up above Montpelier, Our state capitol all the way up to the Canadian border.  There is some excellent photography opportunities here and I hope to explore them more in detail one of these days.

My partner Alison’s niece graduated from high school and we stayed at the pond to attend my first redneck bbq! Now I mean that as a term of endearment as I was informed of the difference between redneck and hillbilly while at the bbq! I am going through the images now so they will be posted at a later date but please enjoy the video and let me know what you think about it. I had to rush to shoot it as the sun was rising but all in all I think it came out ok.


14 thoughts on “Video post: Finding Vermont: Episode #1- Ricker Pond at sunrise. Groton, Vermont. 6/19/2011

  1. That was pretty awesome! looked like you were treated to a great sunrise. I lived in VT about 16 years ago, I still find it the most beautiful state in the country. Thanks for sharing that video clip, it made me home sick it a good way. I cant wait to get back there to do some of my own shooting.

    • Thank you Vanessa…The video series is something I look forward to as well. ITs a different way to interact with people who read my blog other than writing or a still image.

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